Bear Loves Cocoa

Bear Loves Cocoa

Hello Little Bears Fans

Though you may be dreaming of warmer weather, it's still cold outside. This month's QBM Year of Bears block will warm you right up!

Each month the Quilt Blog Mania participating designers share a block pattern inspired by the month's theme. The pattern is free for the month. I'll be designing and giving away a block each month reflecting the Quilt Block Mania monthly theme, however, my block designs will also follow my Year of Bears theme. Collect all the blocks and make a quilt at the end of the year. If you missed any of the previous blocks, you can read about them on the blog HERE and visit my online shop to purchase. ➡️BUY HERE

The QBM theme for March QBM is "Drinks". Little Bear is bundled up in his hat and mittens and is drinking his favorite winter beverage... hot cocoa with whipped cream. Yum!

Have fun choosing your fabrics. Notice in this block, I used a plaid for the hat trim and mittens. A red stripe cut on the diagonal made the perfect straw.

Bear Loves Cocoa is the free 12" block pattern I'm giving this month. Details on how to get your free block pattern is at the bottom of this post. You will also find the links to all the other QBM participating designers. This block pattern will only be free to download for the month of March. 
**NOTE** This promotion has ended but the Party Bear PDF block pattern is available for purchase in my online shop.
➡️Buy Bear Loves Cocoa pattern HERE

Bonus Block

I have another bonus block this month. Easter is coming and Little Bear is ready to celebrate. Silly Little Bear is pretending to be the Easter Bunny. With his bunny ears on, he's ready to hide the pretty Easter eggs. Meet Bunny Bear!

Notice the basket handle and bunny ears in the detail images below. Embroidered details can add so much to an appliqué design. I stitched 3 rows of chain stitch, stitched closely together to make the basket handle. I found that the bunny ears had a very low contrast because of the light color against a light background. An outline stitch, stitched tightly around the bunny ears helped them to stand out a bit more. What do you think?
Bunny Bear is available now in my online shop.  ➡️BUY HERE

**Note: The Bear Loves Cocoa pattern was given free for the month of March 2024 as part of the Quilt Block Mania blog hop. This promotion has ended but the block pattern is available for purchase in my online shop. If you would like to take part in my free giveaways, please visit my website and subscribe to my email newsletter. 

I do hope you enjoy these block patterns as much as I enjoy designing them for you. I would love to hear from you! Drop a comment below or message me➡️Here. You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook. If you make a block and post pictures, please use #yearofbearsapplique.

Happy Stitching,



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Little Bear is so cute. Love Teddy Bears.


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