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Slow Stitching!

Is Slow Stitching Good For You?

Is there actually physical and mental health benefits?

Can it actually be good for us?

What exactly is slow stitching?

    So lets start with what I mean by slow stitching. Slow stitching is basically hand sewing in any form. Piecing, binding, embroidery, quilting and my favorite, appliqué are all forms of slow stitching... as long as they are done by hand. I know some of you may be put off by anything to do with hand work, but for many it can be very relaxing. 

    I recently took a family beach vacation. As I was sitting stitching my appliqué, enjoying a beautiful view, I thought about how relaxed I felt. I thought about whether it was the setting, the view or did it actually have something to do with my stitching. Probably a little of all of it. But when I got home I continued to think about this and in doing so I did a little research on the subject. Now mind you none of what I read or are about to share with you is facts, mainly just opinions. But it makes so much sense. I hope you'll agree.

    6 Reasons Why Slow Stitching Is Good For You

    1. Improves Coordination - When you sew by hand your mind and fingers need to work together. This helps us stay both mentally and physically agile. 
    2. Highly Portable - You only need a small sewing kit and your project so you can easily take it and work on it anywhere!
    3. Social - It's a great way to socialize with other sewers as well as get in some creative stitching. Join a sewing group!
    4. It's Quiet - Need some quiet time? Hand stitching can be the perfect remedy for some quiet alone time while still using your hands and accomplishing something.
    5. Relaxing - Getting lost in hand stitching is a great way to help you forget the stresses of the day and reduce anxiety. The repetitive motion can be very calming and many find it a good way to take your mind off things for awhile. 
    6. Slower - is slower a benefit? Well, life can be crazy busy. Sometimes we need to slow down. Hand sewing is a great way to do this. 

      It's not about the destination but the journey that matters!

      This saying sums up how I feel about slow stitching. It's not always about getting something done the fastest way possible. Making quilts and being creative is all about the process. They way it makes me feel! Slow stitching is a favorite part of that process for me. And....I know I get these benefits! How about you? Do you love slow stitching? Do you get these or other benefits from it? I would love to hear you thoughts! 

      Happy slow stitching my friends,


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      I too love “slow” stitching. My passion is needleturn appliqué. Recently though I’ve started hand piecing. Now I can’t stop! I’ve always thought it’s not about being perfect or hurrying to finish the project, it’s about having fun on the journey!


      Hand stitching is very relaxing to me. You taught me how to stitch many years ago and I love it.


      I love your tablecloth idea. Hope you don’t mind, I’m doing it for Christmas dinner.

      My favorite slow stitch time includes EPP and especially hand embroidery. I hope you’ll do some embroidery designs at some point. 🥰

      Pebble Wells

      I too like the hand appliqué. It’s takes time but that’s ok. Not in a hurry. 🙂


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