Appliqué with me!

Appliqué with me!

Are you a quilter who cringes at the "A" word? 

So just what is the "A" word I'm talking about.... appliqué, more specifically, hand appliqué.

I know many quilters who are put off by anything to do with handwork. Hand stitching can be relaxing, highly therapeutic, and greatly rewarding. That is, if you're not struggling with the process.

There are many methods of hand appliqué. I highly recommend you try out different methods until you find one that you are comfortable with. Through the years I have used a variety of methods myself. I now prefer a method using freezer paper and starch. In this method you prepare your appliqué patches before you stitch to your background fabric. That way you aren't struggling to turn your seam allowance under while you stitch. With a few simple preparations, hand appliqué can be both relaxing and fun!

Check out out this short video of my appliqué process. 

Click image below to view. ⬇️

Where do you start? Look for a project with not too many patches and one that has larger patches that are gently curved. My new Mini Me pattern is great place to start. I designed this small quilt especially for beginners. 
The appliqué patches are large and gently curved making them easy to prepare and stitch. 
The Mini Me pattern includes:
  • Full pattern and layout for appliqué design
  • Detailed instructions of my appliqué technique
  • List of appliqué tools needed
  • Appliqué stitching diagram
  • Embroidery stitching diagram
  • Instruction for making appliqué circles
  • Color layout for cutting and piecing 
  • Instruction for piecing quilt top

Finished Size 40" x 48"

Get the pattern here!

If you're not already an appliqué stitcher, I do hope you'll give it a try. Hopefully, you'll find appliqué to be a fun, relaxing part of your love of all things quilting. 

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

Happy Stitching,





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Keep up the great work! Loving all of it. Congradulations


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