Let It Snow - Block 2

Let It Snow - Block 2

Welcome Stitchers!

Welcome to Block 2 of the Let It Snow Block of the Month & Stitch Along! For more information about the quilt, fabric requirements, schedule and more, please read the Let It Snow Blog ➡️HERE

 Block 2 - Buy➡️HERE

Compared to Block 1, you should find that Block 2 is a bit simpler, with only the appliqué portion and one side strip. Though you will find complete instructions for making Block 2 in the pattern, in this month's blog I'll share a few tips for making the block as well as a few extra images.

  • When choosing fabric for the gnome beard and mustache, try to choose fabrics that will slightly contrast with one another. I chose a very light grey for the beard so that the white mustache would show. If you choose both the beard and mustache in white or both grey, they may blend in together. I chose not to line either the beard or the mustache, but you may need to depending upon your fabric choice. 
  • Though the nose of the gnome is not completely round, you can use the same technique as making circles. Make a template, cut fabric, sew a basting stitch and gather. 
  • I made the nose and hand out of a flesh colored solid fabric, but I think a colored "mitten" would be cute too. Though normally I would line a very light fabric like this, I found that the pieces were small enough that it wasn't necessary. 
  • I also did not find it necessary to line the white bunny tail due to the small size.


There really isn't much other instruction to add for completing Block 2. 
If you have any questions or comments, please be sure to message me ➡️HERE. 

If you want to share your progress or finished blocks on social media, please use the hashtag #letitsnowquiltpattern and tag me @colettebeltdesigns. 

Sneak Peek of Block 3

Thanks so much for joining me!
Until next month, happy stitching my friends!
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Another cute block, Thanks!!!

Joan Hinchcliff

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